Massage & Bodywork Alliance

The Massage & Bodywork Alliance is a group of massage & bodywork practitioners who operate independently of each other but collaborate together to bring awareness and service to the surrounding communities. Along with individual client service, The Alliance brings together it’s affiliated practitioners to form an Event/Sport Massage Team to provide exceptional service in different physical arenas.

Our mission: To provide & connect the community with a network of qualified massage & bodywork practitioners seeking to provide exceptional healthcare, and to provide a resource network for qualified and affiliated massage & bodywork professionals whom look to add value and growth to each other through collaboration and education.

Trusted Therapists

Finding a Massage Therapist can be difficult. There are many to choose from. Each one is different, as are you. Where to begin this monumental task?

This is the primary reason we are here, to do the bulk of this task for you. We screen all of our members carefully for quality of work and for professional standards. We would not recommend anyone to you that we would not have work on us.



Event Staffing with Integrity

Massage Therapy is a tremendous amenity to add to your next event. 

We know all of our therapists, we are very picky about our selection process, and they have a proven record with us. Your standards are high, and so are ours.

We can do Chair Massage, Sports Massage, or design a Corporate Wellness Program for you. 

Continuing Education

Learning is a never ending process, and an investment in your career path and in your own personal growth. We do our best to make that investment pay off.

No matter what your profession or obsession is, we design our classes to not only give you bang for your buck, but to also be a valuable life experience.