Education with the Massage & Bodywork Alliance

Learning is a never ending process that builds on your previous life experience to make you exactly who you need to be right now so that you can evolve into who you will become in the future. When you stop learning, you stop living.

The Massage & Bodywork Alliance is dedicated to help build on that life experience for Massage Therapists, as well as the general public. We will begin offering classes soon, for continuing education credit, for enhancing your daily life, and for the sheer joy of learning.

‘Partnered Stretching’ – Coming in 2019

Hands down, the most requested in our partner series, Partnered Stretching shows you how to leverage your relationship for… well, leverage! This class is open to life partners, friends, neighbors, workout buddies, drinking buddies, any pair that cares to learn how to hit those hard to reach spots and neglected muscles that are difficult to effectively work by ourselves.


‘Guided Meditation’ – Coming in 2019

Come get your OM on! We’ll clear a space for you to put down the baggage and sort those gremlins. Seriously though, Meditation and other Mindfulness practices can lead to wonderful realizations, and help to cope with the modern world.


‘Body Mechanics: Alignment for Longevity’ – Coming in 2019

Proper posture and positioning are crucial to having a long career, as well as a relatively pain free life. Don’t wear yourself out early. Position yourself for success.