Massage at Your Next Event

Peace of Mind Included

Massage Therapy can be a tremendous amenity to add to your next event.

Too often, when you schedule massage therapists to come to your party, place of business, or athletic event, you are dealing with someone who may be hundreds if not thousands of miles away who is just going through a list of therapists and giving the job to whoever says “Yes” first. They’ve never even met the people they are sending to you.

When you request our Sports Massage Team, one or several of our Chair Massage Specialists, or set up a Corporate Wellness Program with us, you will get thoroughly screened professionals who we have not only directly worked with, but have also worked on and vice versa. If they are not good enough to work on us, we would not think of sending them to work on you. Sometimes, you may even get one of the Alliance Founders working your event. We do this because we love it.

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