Alliance Founders

As classmates, and colleagues, the founding members of the Massage and Bodywork Alliance immediately took notice of the power that sincere bodywork has to change both the physical and mental state, its capacity for transformation, and the value it holds as a tool useful for healthcare, athletic performance, corporate wellness, and the general well-being of the world we all live in.

The Alliance was formed in an effort to maximize that potential. 

Lopaka Los Banos

license# MA 60608509

Tacoma & McKenna WA

(808) 286-3339

Judoka extraordinaire and owner of Oak Tree Therapeutics, Lopaka wasted no time realizing the power of bodywork when done with the proper intention and technique. He designed his practice with the everyday working individual in mind, and is highly passionate about providing a simple straight-forward approach to clients by fostering an environment that encourages mutual welfare and mutual benefit through massage and integrative techniques. Also, there will be Hawaiian music. Lopaka busts out the Kettle Corn like a Boss, and is a devoted follower of Master Ken.

Katie Burke

license# MA 60596694

Puyallup, WA

(253) 229-6374

Katie works in Puyallup, and has taken her education and passion for health and fitness into providing therapeutic massage for athletes, as well as anyone who needs some physical and mental relief. Katie specializes in Active Isolated Stretching, Therapeutic Cupping, and Deep Tissue Massage. She is committed to fitness and helping others achieve success. She also loves dancing, music, and super hero movies.

Randall Weaver

license# MA 60612054

Tacoma, WA

(253) 254-6696

Former athlete, and owner of South Sound Sports Massage, Randall knows the aches and pains that come with training and competing. Better yet, he knows how to work through them to get you back on track. His specialty is doing Deep, Restorative, Performance Enhancing work, while integrating it into a relaxing experience to enhance your recovery, and leave you better than he found you. Like any good mechanic, he uses whatever tool best fits the job, including Active Isolated Stretching, Triggerpoint, Cupping, Taping, Flossing, Zen Bodytherapy, and good old Swedish Massage. He also loves Pink Floyd, Hockey, and Middle Eastern Food.


Alliance Member Therapists

Julie Chisholm

license# MA 60549253

Puyallup, WA

(253) 232-7942

Julie is passionate about helping others feel their best so they may live their life to the fullest. She strives to provide each client with a personalized treatment in a safe and caring environment. She specializes in various forms of massage: Swedish, relaxation, deep tissue, injury treatment, pregnancy and sports. When not doing massage, Julie enjoys being with her family first and foremost. She also loves to run, hike, play soccer, go to Sounders games, cook, garden, watch movies, nap and eat yummy foods!


Lukela Los Banos

license# MA 60756509

Tacoma & McKenna WA

(808) 436-9206

With over 18 years of judo experience and as a national level judo competitor, Lukela found his passion for bodywork during the rehabilitation process of an almost career ending shoulder injury in 2016. Searching for a solution to his post injury hip, back, and shoulder pain, Lukela made the decision to attend Alexandar’s School of Natural Therapeutics located in Tacoma, Washington; and specialized in deep tissue, trigger point, and Zen Bodytherapy. During his spare time, Lukela is a full time judo coach and kettle corn chef. He is currently working towards a certification as a “Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner” in hopes to further help improve his clients’ quality of life.